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'via Blog this'whatcha think - still in progress. Democracy, is said by some to be to dangerous due to the tyranny of the majority. This assumes tacit judgement that some of us, shouldn't be consulted on matters of universal concern. And, that those people that aren't right in their thinking or morality enough to be trusted with their share of the nations treasure and fate, will always make wrong decisions. There is a distrust of others behind this. All others including our own selves. To fear the good, or even terribly messed up choices that our fellow citizens might make, is not logical. First of all, the 'tyranny of the majority'can't be worse than the tyranny of the minority. Secondly, people are pretty self preserving and the small percentage of the population that is truly sociopathic, is estimated to be from 1 to 4 percent. So, in general it can be said that most people are'nt stupid or evil and deserve a say in what their country does in their name and with their taxes and property and lives. As communication has changed since the creation of the electoral college, so has the list of things we now have as mutual concerns. Consensus seems to be the natural evolutionary future that our technology will take us. We have it now but the "tail is wagging the dog". Politicians fall all over themselves trying to find out what they should say that gets them the kindergarden sticker to wear for the day and administrators of government agencies wont do their jobs unless they are assured that they won't be punished if they do. I say let's turn the dog around. Then our representatives would just be clerks and fraud guards. We couldn't screw up any worse as a group than the small cabal has done so far. It's going to happen eventually anyway. It's already happening but nobody want's to admit it. The only thing that matters to anyone anymore is "What do the polls say". Even if you think they are biased, skewed or what, you still note them and have an internal reaction of a positive or negative nature. But, you still have been affected. You still care.

Here's my plan: (like anybody and everybody, I have no clue as to how to go about making this a reality)
We have evolved technologically to the degree that there is no longer need for middle men. We should be an electronic instant democracy with elections/polls. (tail wags the dog now so let's just turn the dog around) It should probably take repeating the referendums more than once to make it law. Probably go to a 3 out of 5 times wins so everyone has a chance to think about it. And just to mitigate tyranny of the majority, Have a group polled from all legitimately credentialed (Not made up religious universities) lawyers to achieve consensus before elections/polls, on the constitutionality of each law. Include law proffesors, historians and working judges and paralegals
in the oversight commitee (group?) A peer review like the kind of systems that have been working pretty well so far in advancing science. Let's get some real numbers instead of guestimates based on samples
which are guesimates themselves. I have yet to see where in the constitution, it says that if it wasn't already in there, it can't be done. And we need the Canadian law that makes it illegal to lie on TV. radio or in print. Good thing I'm not king, hunh.
And the australian law the makes it illegal not to vote. I guess crazy people can fill out a form or something, to get out of it, like jury duty.
Just off the top of my head - if you see stuff that needs tweaking, pitch in.

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