Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Chat with a Friend

A chat with a friend: I really hope the fault line doesn't shift saturday

me: doomsday stuff is mostly about the doomsayers
thier world might come to an end
but the world abides as always
THE world is MY world

him: True. Its just scary. We watched this thing about how haarp has been trying to make the fault line shift so it can plug the hole in the gulf by bp. Homeland security has a contract with wal mart to provide 140m meals.
And I'm sure you heard about the plastic coffins.

me: spinners of tales are dizzy

him: That's true. Its just hard to know who to believe and what conspriacy isn't a conspiracy.

me: hold to the earth and the earth will hold you
when she shakes off the shity ones

him: Nice.
Felt tip and ball point in the 80's by Drewdels

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