Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Corporate altruism

I always believed that selfish motives would become expansive to the point where their interests, and the interests of everyone, would be seen to be one and the same. It's just taking awhile for tribal banditry to lose it's appeal. It was easier than working and the return was just too damn attractive. But now, they have to work much harder to rob everyone and the stress is showing. Those that see their end coming are prone to desperate measures in the form of power grabs but their end is coming. I got this idea when thinking about the vikings turning into businessmen. (the guys on the cigar boxes - Dutch Masters) ( east India company)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weasel Dreams

On a early schwagstock,it got a little cold at night and that was actually really "cool" because everybody gathered around three or five big fires scattered through the woods and wandered from one to the other with their drums
Pogo and Jangles were in their big cage in my van, together in their hammock with all my blankets over it and under their own blankets
I went back to check if they were warm enough
I was tripping very sweetly
and when I slipped my hand into the cage
and under their blanket
they swirled around under my hand like a mink yin-yang and shared weasel dreams with me
I kept my hand there for I don't know how long
They had always been sharing their spirit world connection with me but
my head was not receptive enough before.
I don't remember what I saw through closed eyes but remember it as "why I like LSD".



A Charlie Brown comic strip by Charles Schulz :  Snoopy is sleeping on the roof of his dog house; Frieda: It's a nice day. If I were a dog, I'd be out chasing rabbits on such a nice day... Snoopy: If it's such a nice day, why spoil it for the rabbits ?

Our idealization, here in western civilization, of the purpose of a nation is to provide a safe and secure environment to live and flourish .  
To be able to go about one's day, setting oneself to the tasks or pleasures we desire, without interference. 

 A military, in our idealized view, is to keep outside forces from doing that interference, to protect the freedom we have and offer.

When we were tribal groups, we would sometimes attack, kill and rob other tribal groups.  

This was essential for the survival of our group.

Our behavior did not change but our group size did.  This was also essential.  Only geographic separation kept group expansion in check but technology has overcome this check in fits and starts at first and then exponentialy.

Today, we want to believe that we have overcome this tendancy to commit "tribal banditry".  The taking from others by force.  We only protect ourselves.  We do not murder and steal from others.  We protect and have trade with them.

We learned this ideal from the people of Europe who commited "tribal banditry" on a mass scale almost continuously, up to the very recent past, with disasterous results for all but a few.

They have all but forsaken tribal banditry due to the advances of technology that brought them to the brink of full and total destruction.

Only the idealism that forged our nation and the vast resources of our land, and those of The Soviet Union and the British Empire, stopped the exponential and ultimate cost of war.

This, we believe, is our history except most of us are more comfortable forgetting the participation of the Soviets since they became "others" immediately upon the end of World War II.  We believe "self reliance" is uniquely American and was invented by us alone.

We do not conquer we liberate.  We do not rob we develop. This land was empty when our ancestors arrived.  There was no nation to make fair the delineations of ownership of property.

We are not illegal aliens.  We are the original owners as if God himself formed us from the dust of this land.

If it's such a beautiful day, then why spoil it for the rabbits.

Have you ever walked into a meadow in the morning and noticed all the life that your presence flushes from the grass?  Grasshoppers and moths and a myriad of creatures.  Others, not us.  Mere insects or maybe a snake or a rabbit.
 You might have spoiled somebody's day.  Somebody who can't protect thier freedom from a much larger force.

If your meadow is your yard and you haven't mowed the lawn for a while, and you get the mower out and proceed to address it, you might see a mass exodus of hundreds of living beings fleeing in your path.

You will have most definitely spoiled someones day.  It can't be helped can it?  we have to choose between our needs and the needs of others and besides , were talking about insects, maybe a baby bunny paralyzed with instinctive programming that has served it's species survival for thousands of years or more.

These creatures also have developed another survival tactic of excessive procreation.  So, is it that different if a hawk catches and eats the baby bunny, from your killing it with your lawn mower.

There will still be rabbits.  And besides we don't really need them for a food source anymore.What am I making such a big deal about?

If you are still reading this then you may already understand where I'm going.  

This land was not empty and given to us by God.  Men arrived and died of thier conciet and stupidity.  And came again and were welcomed and survived only by the kindness and compassion of the people they called savages and heathens and then, killed and robbed them while trying to save thier souls.

The Tribes of this continent warred against each other as in Europe, sometimes annihilating whole tribes but not very often and not as policy or creed but in response to the needs of survival.

We have idealized thier culture and their value of nature in our minds but not in our hearts and the actions of our lives. 

They killed for sustainance when they needed to and loved as they did, with the knowledge of their debt to thier prey and thier own mortality in the circle of life.

Death of anything, plant or animal, was not taken casually as their beliefs held a kinship with all that lives and the land that sustained them.

Their concept of respect was based on this relationship and an evolved awareness of their reliance upon the world around them.

I learned a mantra from Ram Das which is very useful to make this relationship clear to me, which is used to overcome the illusion of separateness.

TAT TVAM ASI  -  Thou art that         also  - And That Too ( is also me )

With this powerful tool, one can learn compassion.  Essential for the survival of any group.
Compassion can spoil your day sometimes but can also make a spoiled day right.

So, if it's such a nice day, why spoil it for the rabbits ?


Simon & Garfunkel - Sparrow

I was in the kitchen making coffee and saw something flopping about outside below the feeder. A small sparrow was unable to get up. It may have flown into the screen in the early half light and looked like the one I saw first at the feeders, each morning, this summer just gone. It was cold and unable to move but tried. I held it in my hand as it drifted in and out, opening it's eyes to look at me a few times. When I breathed on it and stroked it's back as my duck Sasha had liked, it closed it's eyes and seemed to relax. A drop of water from the crease in my palm was welcomed. I poured my coffee and managed to open and add to my cup, the hazelnut creamer I am addicted to, with one hand and then, we went downstairs to the open chat window where my love's little green dot was waiting. With one finger typing, I shared my morning with her and, as I did, a star of tiny golden tingles filled my palm. I have been with beings at their departure and so know the horrible and sudden change from being with someone, to being alone. But this time, I was not alone for though it was by a chat box, a little green dot, She was here with me. It was my honor and privilege to ease the end of this one bird but I have often thought about the way most beings do it alone, as we all must. - My palm still tingles but at least I don't have that song running through my head as I had from the moment I first held the sparrow. I had to write this to make it stop. Thank you for being and have a great day Y'all .